More UK Advocacy For US Gun Bans

Despite the proven failure of U.K. gun controls, British media keeps p lobbying for U.S. gun cotnrol laws.

Lately, the primary excuse has the Orlando Nitespot mass murder. A tragedy enabled by…

Florida’s law against concealed carry wehre alcohol is the primary source of revenue

Had the Pulse night club not been a posted “gun free zone” Omar Mateen would have face from 12 to 16 armed individuals ready to defend themselves and those around them.

But because of Florida’s archaic laws Omar Mateen, a homosexual Muslim, faced absolutely no effective resistance when he turned his murderous rate loose on the crowd at the Pulse.

So more than 100 people wer shot, 49 fatally, by a very disturbed man on a killing spree. One that should have been stopped within seconds of the first threat.


About Stranger

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