More Pleas For “Common Ground” With Banenrs

UPDATE, 3 victims dead, shooter killed, two children woundedmore as I get it.

The web search for gun control news turned up a dozen very similar opinion items pleading for “common ground on gun control.

Tje gin “control” organizations have made it abundantly clear they will accept no less than reinstatement and expansion of laws that set crime rates soaring, and whose relaxation or repeal sent crime rates tumbling.

Common ground with gun ban organization such as Handgun Control, Inc., (DBA as “The Brady Campaig” the hundred or so Soros front groups, and of course Bloomberg’s Everytown complex of organizations.

Tod do that would put us all in extreme peril.

While there are many tjomgs tjat cpi;d and should be done to reduce crime and violence, repeating the failures of the past will do nothing good. Except for the criminals, who find life very much safer in a disarmed society.


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