More Gun Ban Propaganda

The MarySue has an item in favor of Socialist style gun control titled “The Grim Realities of Gun Violence on a Human Body.”

Had the author consulted a few medical examiners, she would have found that the damage done to the human body by a bullet is frequently far less damaging than a blow from a fist or foot – but that brings real facts from the real world into the discussion, something gun ban lobbyists are usually eager to avoid.

The first paragraph mentions the ccolumbine High School Massacre, which occurred in April, 1999, and violent crime had been falling precipitously from 1993 and the beginning of relaxed concealed carry laws, and 1998. In 1993 citizens filed 785,000 reports of firearms facilitated crimes, and in 1998 just over 500,000. By 2013, that was down to 270,000.

Columbine marked the beginning of opposition to the laws that reduce violence, with the dramatic reduction in the rate of crime decline you can see in the chart, below, with the results of the latest nationwide gun ban campaign highlighted in red::

Clearllly, the shooting community’s lobbying for laws that reduce violence succeeded until it was stopped by a resurgent gun man movement, exemplified by the so=called “Million mom March” for gun control of August, 1999.

Further, the author seems to ignore or at least be unaware that the Columbine tragedy was not initially a gun related tragedy.

Klebold and Harris, the perpetrators, planned an “improvised explosive attack” on the school and bult a substantial number of propane bombs, ussssing plans obtained off the internet.

One of those bombs would have done serous damage to the school building, possibly wiping out two or more classrooms with one blast. But Klebold and Harris didd nto have just one bomb, they had 99 – whose homemade detonators failed.

So instead of the hundreds of deaths planned for an explosion that would have flattened Columbine School, killing almost everyone inside, the perpetrators fell back in firearms, with a total loss of life of 15.

Gybs are bit the only means of inflicting grave injury on a human. On a severity of injur basis, both “personal weapons,” hands and feet, and edged weapons have a higher percentage of grave injury that guns. And yes, the champion of them all is still the explosive.

Remember, Oklahoma City’s Murrah Office Building Bombing of April, 1995 killed at least 168, and injured more than 680. making it the second most deadlly mass murder in American history. And all without firing a shot.

The lesson here is clear. Americas shooting community knows very well how to cut crime and build a safer society – if we were allowed to put that knowledge into action.

Gun ban funders generally live behind high walls, monitored gates, and a platoon of on duty security guards. They know nothing of the cause of crime, or how to control crime, but they do know that private gun ownership makes it possible for those who they would rule to resist their quondam masters.

So guns must die and children subjected to an endless torrent of gun ban propaganda.


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