More Foolishness From The Star Tribune

Actually, the word I wanted was idiocy, “An act only someone out of their mind would perform,” but that seems to be barred by the definition of child-safe. so for starters, the Minneapolis Star Tribune is a progressive “rag,” and a first day adopter of the entertainment industry’s 1963 gun ban campaign. In fact, the the Star-Tribune signed on before the campaign changed from banning mail-order guns to banning all guns.

The graph below shows the results of the gun ban campaigns the Star Tribune supports on the good people of Minnesota who comprise the Star Tribune’s readership:

In short, the gun ban campaigns the Star Tribune supported on 1 December, 1963 have resulted in laws that have done precisely what similar laws have done every time they have been imposed. The various gun control, gun ban campaigns over the last 54 years have transformed Minnesota, including Minneapolis, from a place with world leading low crime rates into “jsut another high crime pesthole.” And the Star Tribune still supports this “foolishness.”

The latest symptom of this insanity is an editorial titled

ore idiocy on guns, thanks to the NRA and U.S. House

And of course, the Star Tribune proceeds to lambaste the most law abiding segment of American society, the License to Carry Concealed holders. LTC holders, often called CCW holders, have a commission of a deliberate crime rate that is approximately one third that of off duty Minneapolis police Officers. The risk from allowing LTCCC holders reciprocal privileges is very small – unless you are a violent criminal preying on tourists.

On the other hand, the results of the gun ban policies the Star Tribune espouses have been nothing short of catastrophic. Since the Star Tribune began its mindless support for a universally failed public policy of gun “control,” Minnesota’s total cost is some $3,400.00 for each Minnesota resident, and just under $10,000 for a family of three.

Support for the laws that have cost Minnesota so dearly is the height of idiocy. And yet the Star Telegram calls those who support the laws that have historically brought down crime rates and crime costs fools.

the only fool in sight is whoever sets editorial policy at the Star Tribune. And even if Minnestoa still had its notably effective mental health system, I am afraid that person is beyond help.


NB: Minnesota’s crime statistics in convenient spreadsheet form are here.

Sources of economic data include the U.S. commerce department, the FBI Uniform Crime Report, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Labor, and, for Minnesota, more than fifty confirming and supporting websites.


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4 Responses to More Foolishness From The Star Tribune

  1. Maddmedic says:

    That would be the ‘Red’ Star and Tribune…And to think as a youngster I had a paper route delivering that rag….
    As for the Mental Health System…It is overloaded and as a Medic often ended up taking patients far, far away for placement…Imagine that!!

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the comments, Medic,

    From 1946 through ’48 I usually spent the first hour of my day waiting for someone who wanted to pay money to miss targets and reading the Star tribune or Pioneer Press, and often both.

    I was, and am, a Harry Truman Democrat, but even then both excuses were way to the left of me. I had a Czech friend who kept me posted on European events and the difference between tge US Papers account of the “tragic accident that took the life of Edvard Benes, and the European accountgs of his murder taught me not to trust newspapers.


  3. Anonymous says:

    the commie diaper ?

  4. Stranger says:

    Hard to tell what sort of diaper. Since there are 8,000 plus shades of Socialism, varying only as the wrinkles in a piece of fabric cut from the same bolt of cloth, the exact lable is for hair splutters.

    It does not matter if they call them selves Socialists, Fascists, Peronists, Chavists, Flanageiss, Trotskyites, or any of the other sets of wrinkles, the critical points aare the same. There must be no possibility of resistance to State rule; the State must control the distribution and manufacture of all goods and services; and that those who know enough to tell others how it was or should be must be forcibly eliminated.


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