More facts against gun control

This is a good introductory course to gun control, but I have a single quibble and one explanatory comment. The number of guns in the United States.

Watch the Professor Nicholas Johnson tell it very much like it is, and make a note of the sted number of guns:

Yes, the Professor said 324 million guns. Judging by NICSS check numbers Americans have purchased 178 million new guns between 11/30/1998 abd10/31/2017, one month short of 20 years. Adding ATF production numbers foor the five years immediately five years beginning in 1993 with a one million 1883 to compensate for the one months data collection in 1998 brings us to 205 million new guns.

Production records for the 113 years suggest a mean produciton plus import total of 6,800,000 per year for 113 years or for a total of more than 760,000,000 guns.

Observed survival suggest 5559 of guns produced between 1992 abd 1994 survive, although many need cleaning and lubrication, along with a supply of ammunition, to be returned to service. Bottom line, We have a half billion more guns than the Professor estimates.

How come? Probably because a faulty estimate of the average life of a gun. It took almost two years of my free time to obtain the available production numbers, and obtain surviival numbers for gun from for guns produced during the period we ahve no official production numbers.

Most researchers simply assume some arability use a number for the service life of some other machine such as a car for the service life of a gun; as the Wright Rossii Report did when it assumed the service life of a gun is the 22 year life of a car.

Yes, it si true that the United States has the most guns of any nation on Earth. But our ownership rate lags several countreis, including Switzerland, whose murder ratre is roughly a fifth of our current rate.

And it is not really a quibble, it is a comment. When the Australian gun confiscation was enacted, the first Australian city to report crime numbers was Perth, a lovely city in Western Australia, facing the vast emptiness between India, Africa, and Antarctica.

The Perth authorities released the crime statistics to the public on the same day they sent the statistics to Canberra, Australia’s capitol. The showed a greater than 80 percent increase in violent crime during the first year of gun control. And Canberra has what many Americans would call a hissing fit.

The Prime Minister promptly decreed that annual crime statistics could neither be reported to or reported by the press. The policy has changed in detail, but not in effect, and the major crime total reported crime, totaled for the year, far exceed the official Australian crime numbers.

Otherwise, the discussion of gun control is both fair and balanced.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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