Monthly Murder Total US 2011?

Someone came by searching for “monthly murder total US 2011.”

From all indications, the total number of homicides reported by the police during 2011 will be just under 14,000, with a rate of 4.5. 14,446, for a calculated rate of 4.6. That would peg the average number of murders in any given month at 1,203 – but the number of homicides in different months varies widely in a well known pattern.

Cold weather tends to lower homicide totals – while warm weather increases the number of murders. Certain holidays have traditionally had higher homicide rates. December is generally the most violent month of the year, but a cold month can result in a low homicide rate. April’s warm weather usually brings street criminals out. And so on and so forth.

So a month by month total of homicides for the entire United States is not feasible at this time.


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