“Momlogic” Gun Accidents Kill 500 Kids A Year! How About 50 or less?

One of the comments that did not make it, for foul language, contained a link to the “Momlogic” website, and a very wild claim that ‘gun accidents kill 500 kids a year.’

2008 Causes of Unintentional Deaths

While the number of fatal gun accidents obviously varies with the cutoff age for childhood – the international standard for childhood is 1 through 16. With that in mind, the latest Center for Disease Control WISQARS data for accidental childhood firearms death is far below 500.

For 2008, as the graphic on the left indicates, the total of fatal childhood firearms accidents was 75. For 2009, that number was 69. For 2010, preliminary reports peg the number at just 53. And both totals include a number of childhood suicides – and up to 30 cases in which Law Enforcement Officers laid down their guns and their own child gained access to it.

The bottom line? In terms of child years of at home exposure, the death rate is well below one per one million child years of exposure. And even that extremely low rate would be cut in half if law enforcement officers would handle their duty weapons more responsibly.

That makes “Momlogic” and other websites that try to scare mothers into disarming the household no more or less than propaganda sites. Sites that have no credibility on any subject.


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