Moe Lane’s List Of Vulnerable Senators For 2014

Moe Lane has a list of Democratic Senators he feels will be vulnerable in 2014.

Given the right opponent, almost everyone on the list would be vulnerable. Even 90 year old anti-gun and pro-crime activist Frank Lautenberg. But remember, the Democratic Vote Fraud machine will be out in full force in 2014, just as they have been in every important election since 1996. This year, that machine was worth ten percent of the final vote to almost every Democratic candidate.

One of the early beneficiaries of that machine was Mary Landrieu, elected in 1996. She was trailing badly against Woody Jenkins, a well known and popular state representative from Baton Rouge. Landrieu was trailing badly – 48 percent to Jenkin’s 52 percent, until the results from Tangipahoa Parish, across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans came in.

And a “one parish landslide” centered in Hammond, Louisiana, put Moon Landrieu’s daughter in the Senate – by just under 5,800 “votes.”

If the Senate is to actually represent the people, the Democrat’s vote fraud machine will have to be dismantled. We have two years to add more states to the list with Voter ID laws, and to strengthen State penalties for vote fraud. So we have two serious projects to accomplish.

Voter ID – and finding candidates who will not develop a case of hoof-in-mouth in the middle of the campaign.


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