Mississippi; Pro Gun Laws Working

As I mentioned earlier today, someone who is obviously ignorant of the bloody history of restrictive gun laws wants to make himself safer by making it unlawful for Advanced Licenses To Carry to carry in the Capitol, and presumably other government buildings.

Given he history, that one may well have come from a gun ban activist, hoping for enough bodies to push their program of banning guns over the top.

The Houswe has passed a bill allowing CCW permit holders to carry on campus. This one is getting a “I know wherethey are coming from, claiming that guns on campus makes everyone safer but so many things can go wrong” Actually, things did not go wrong until guns were barred from campus, making campuses a safe operating environment for mass killers.

I do not believe the “no guns in the Capitol” bill will be enacted, and guns on campus are an important safety measure that that will eventually become law, with or without the Democrats opposition. to safety.

And the one bill we need the most, for full Constitutional Carry, has not made it out of committee yet. Hopefully another year or two will see that mistake corrected.


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