Minnesota: The Cost Of Gun Cotnrol

Up next State in this 50 State and the District of Columbia investigation of the cost of gun control is Minnesota.

Starting with the “fine print” this discussion will necessarily involve crime numbers, let me point out that these numbers are gathered by local Law Enforcement Agencies, reported to a State agency, and then are reported to the FB I. Those crime counts may bee verified t the Disaster Center spreadsheet or with the individual year’s Uniform Crim Reports

For 2015 Minnesota had an estimated population of 5,490,000, of whom 5,220,000 were paleface or minorities cultureally disinclined to crime.

Minnesota finally were finally, and ungraciously, granted “must issue Concealed Carry WEapons permits, effectively a tax on a right, in 2003.

Minnesota requires a permit to purchase the primary defensive weapons, handguns, which makes less a right “that shall not be made less” according t the US Constitution.

Minnesota does allow open carry, although those who do open carry, as in handgun hunting, reportedly get grief from Officers unfamiliar with the law.

Minnesota has preempted local laws, although reading the reporrts of the passage of that permissive law makes it clear that it was more a case of “the state should control” rather than a desire to make gun laws less restrictive.

Some NFA firearms are subject to State gun controls, a “Peaceable Journey” law protects travelers, and background checks are not required for gifts or private purchasers.

The effect of Minnesota’ State and Federal gun laws has contributed greatly to Minnesota’s crime rates. Something we shall look at in detail after a few more preliminary are covered.

In 1960, Minnesota Law Enforcement agencies reported 81 murders to the FB, of which 32 or 34/5 percent were firearms related. In 2015 Minnesota LEA’s reported 133 murders to the FBI, of which 79 or 59.395 percemt were firearms related. The increase began in 1973, and by 1968 was essentially at the modern and much higher rate.

With that, it is time to look at Minnesota’s hostoricrime numbers and how tho incidence of crime varied with gun control campaigns and laws.

1960 when gun control was largely unheard of, Minnesota’s Law Enforcement Agencies reported just 1,435 violent cirmes; murder, rape, robbery, and “aggravated assault” to the FBI.

10963,the year the entertainment industry began a nationwid gun ban campaign; Minnesota LEA’s reported 1,983 violent es to the FBI.

1964,the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, Minnesota’s Law Enforcement Agencies reported 2,601 violent crimes to the FBI.

1968, the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign,p campaign, and the first two weeks of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, Minnesota LEA’s reported 5,111 violent crimes to the FBI.

1969, the first full year of Federal gun controls Minnesota LEA’s reported 5,251 violent crimes to the FBI.

1973, the fifth full year of Federal gun controls, which agencies reported 6,798 violent crimes to the FBI.

1994, the year after Handgun Control, Inc’s Assault Weapons Ban was signed into law, and the first full year of enforcement of that law, Minnesota LEA’s reported 16,397 violent crimes to the FBI and the first year Minnesotans started scratching the new gun itch with defensive wapons, depressing the incidence of crime, when Minnesota LEA’s reported 16,397 violent crimes to the FBI.

1999, the fifth full year of Minnesota must issue LTC system, Minnesotag Law Enforcement Agencies reported 56,509 violent crimes to the FBI.

2003, when Minnesota’s Progressive, Democratic Farmer Labor, Controlled legislature finally enacted a “must issue” Concealed Carry Weapons System.

And as you can see in the charts below, the bitter battle against the relaxed gun laws that reduce crime has resulted in a much higher crime rate than that of States that were early adopters of permissive gun laws. A delay that cost lives and treasure, as we shall see presently.

Looking at Minnesota’s mean family income, U6, “our of workforce,” mean family income, and demographic numbers, along with the effects of Minnesota’s restrictive gun laws, Minnesota should have a current violent crime rate if kess tgab 170 and homicide rates of 185 per 100,000 population and a homicide rate of than 1.2 per 100,000. Instead, in 2015, Minnesota’s LEA’s reported a violent crime rate of 229, and a homicide rate of 1.6 per 100,000.

Worse, when the 2016 numbers are rleeased, it appears Minnesota’s violent crime rate will top 260 and the homicde rate will be above 1,3 oer 199m999 oioykatuib,

If you look at the rise in violent crime in the chart above, and homicide in the chart below, it is quite clear that Minnesota, like the other States examined in detail for the cost of gun control’s crime rates rise and fall in step with gun control campaigns, as well as restrictive or permissive gun laws.

“When everything else has been eliminated, what remains must be the true cause.” Every suggested cause for the rise in crime with gun control, and the decline in crime when criminals began to become targests has caused many guesses on the cause, from adding lead to gas to taking the lead out of gasoline. One by one, those “causes have been eliminated, until what remains is gun control, whch began with the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign in November 1963 to the “reversal of misfortune with as Minnesotans began buying defensive weapons, to the latest gun ban campaign beginning in 2014. A campaign whose fingerprint is on the right side of the homicide chart.

Obviously then, gun control is the primary cause of the higher crime rates observed since 1960. While we cannot tell exactly what the probability of that rise in crime is exactly, the cause has been established by elimination, and the cause is certain.

At this point, the schema for this post requires an estimate of the probability Minnestoa’s rise and fall in crime rates and the strengthening and loosening of gun control laws were independend.

Unfortunately, the number describing the probability that this patter could have occurred by chance or coincidence is so large it exceeds the capability of the computers I have to calculate ti, giving me an error message instead of a number. Just say it is so far beyond human experience that it might as well be infinite.

Let me remind readers that “everything, including gun control has a cost.” e. There is no accepted price for a lifetime of grief, but at the mean $2,200,000 judgement for wrongful death for each additional homicide victim, $544k700 ,for treatment of every additional shooting victim, lost wages, lost ompanionship,the scars of losing a parent or other close relative, including a spouse, , disability payments, the cost of excess goods destroyed,damaged or disappeared, along with the additional costs of security, law enforcement, and prisons the total calculable cost of Minnesota’s State and Federal gun control legislation is in excess of at least $162,000,000,000; one hundred sixty two billion, dollars, spread over 54 years.

that cost continues to climb, currently at at a $12.4 billion dollar a year rate for all costs associated with the increased crime resulting from gun controls. That amounts to

Obviously, Minnesota’s misguided package of State, plus Federal, gun laws have cost Minnesota far more than any State should be asked to pay.

It is time for Congress to do its duty and preempt all State and local restrictions, limiting those restrictions to the imposed by current federal law, and imposing a reasonable daily penalty of at least $3100,000 a day on any individual seeking to enforce preempted legislation, or craft new laws to evade Federal limits.

To fail to do so is a form of dereliction of duty. So 40 years late in preemption is a definite case of avoiding a clear and present danger to our society.


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