Minnesota Cops Against Castle Doctrine

With a tip of the Stetson to Gun Wire for the link I see Minnesota’s law enforcement organizations are speaking out against a bill that would add the Castle Doctrine to the state’s laws.

The opposition has been making some extremely strange statements about the proposed law. Commenting on the presumption that someone breaking into a home can be shot by the homeowner, and briefly quoting the Fergus Falls Journal item linked immediately above:

(Fergus Falls Police Chief Kile Bergram says) “That’s more authority than a police officer has to use deadly force,” Bergren said, citing Minnesota statute 609.066. “We never work under the presumption that someone is going to harm us. We have to wait until a reasonable police officer believes he is in immediate danger of harm or death, or that somebody else is.”

As those of us who actually know a police officer are well aware, current Police Academy training calls for every encounter with a civilian to be treated as an encounter with an armed and dangerous perpetrator.

We also know that the overwhelming majority of cases in which an armed homeowner comes face to face with a robber results in either the robbers hasty departure, or the robbers immediate surrender. The number of home invaders who are shot and killed by the homeowner are a very small percentage of the total number of home invasion confrontations.

Of course, bitter opposition to any legislation to allow citizens to defend themselves against criminal predation is par for the course. The usual response is to demand more officers, more cars, and longer waits for a 911 response.

Hopefully, Minnesota’s Shooting Community will come together to support both State Senator Gretchen Hoffman in her attempt to bring civilized laws such as the Castle Doctrine to Minnesota, and to support those in law enforcement who support us.


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  1. Gretchen Hoffman says:

    Thank you for supporting our 2nd amendment rights. I am the state Senator from Minnesota whom you article references.


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