Minneapolis Star-Tribune Opposes Laws That Cut Violent Crime

As regular Alley readers know, every permissive gun law in history has reduced the incidence of violent crime. Those laws have cut America’s violent crime and homicide rates in half in 25 years, while at the same time cut the incidence of rep;orted gun crimes by almost 80 percent.

But the Minneapolis Star Tribune wold rather live in a violent society than in one in which citizens are allowed to freely possess and carry defensive weapons.

The Star Trib was one of the first to sign on the 1963 gun ban and campaign with a Thanksgiving weekend opinion piece setting out a “ban guns” position. They remained anti-gun as crime statistics proved those who said restrictive gun laws would only dive violent crime rates higher were proven correct…

…They gloated when some NRA members dropped out when dues were raised to cover expenses, and they have consistently backed pro-crime bills that endanger the public and themselves.

And now they are working the same old stand,demanding Legislators reject laws that ouwld shift the crime balance away from criminals and to potential victims, reducing crime, property crime, and violent crime rates.

Well, that’s the Star Tribune for you.

It is time Minnesota Legislators ignored the left’s demand for more crime,and acted in the interests of public safety and of the people.


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