Michigan: “Legislature Wants More Guns”

The overly busy layout makes it hard to read, but the Detroit Free Press quotes some pol, i think an anti, as saying “The Legislature wants more guns, Michiganders don’t.”

Briefly quoting the FREEP report linked above:

That the Legislature delivers: Bill after bill aimed at expanding access to firearms, increasing the number of places guns can be carried, either in the open or concealed, enhancing the ease with which firearms can be transported, and gutting local governments’ ability to make decisions about when and where guns may be carried.

From what I get elsewhere, the Legislature wants safer schools, lower crime rates, and a civil society, something the FREEO’s owners, Gannett, is against, and that Bloomberg’s everytown is working to torpedo.

Clik on over and read the whole thing. The Ally should be here when you click back. Although the very limited time this server problemlets me post is a problem.


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