Miami Herald: “Gun Rights Priorities Dim”

The Miami Herald gets it right with a headline reading:

Top gun rights priority prospects dim, even in GOP-controlled Washington

And yes, our hopes for a “clean” License To Carry reciprocity bill in this session of Congress are at the point of disappearing.

Rep. Hudson’s excellent H.R. 38 has been loaded up with gun control under the pretext of “fixing the broken NICSS system.” Which is not and was not broken.

for example, under the amended law, as soon as you start recieving your Social Security payout, all that is standing in the way of the police and your gun safe is some nameless, faceless political appointees signature. Why???

Because “fix NICSSS” enables the Social Security recipient provisions of the “Prohibited Persons” Act. AAnd a lot more, alll of it as bad for American gun owners as Germany’s 1928 gun laws repudiating the civilian disarmament provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, was for German Jews.

so how did we get in this situation? Virginia and Alabama. While the New Jersey elections were a lost cause with an unpopular light gov running against a well known Democrat and the media.

But we could have won Virginia, and wwe should have won Virginia. Alabama was just the frosting on the cake. And in both States far too many of us stayed home, while the Democrats enjoyed a near 100 percent turnout.

Numbers and pluralities do no good unless people actually vote. Our community did nto turn out to cast ballots for candidates hurt by Democrat’s mud slinging – and here we are. Looking aaat the gun police with metal detectors digging up your yard, looking for where the guns are buried.

We must forget letting Igor and Ivan vote for us and take the time to cast a ballot. Just the thought that a majority of gun owners will vote is enough to give the ANTI’s nightmares.

And we must start turning out the sellouts. Nancy Pelosi’s “Fix NICS” would still be a standalone bill, if it were not for Republican support. Those who supported putting gun control in a reciprocity bill have gotten entirely too “establsihment.” It is time they retire, voluntarily or not.

And finally, since there is little point in trading the devil for the witch, we must carefully vet every candidate’s record on the important issues that confront us. Particularly gun rights.

Because no one’s lives or property will be safe so long as there is a anti-gun activist in Congress.


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