Mexico: Autodefensa Community Defense Groups In Moreleos y Sonora

Borderland Beat reports the community defense groups that first appeared in Mexico’s Tierra Caliente, the hot lands, have begun appearing in the Mexican States of in of Sonora and Morelos.

The Autodefensas, characterized as “vigilante groups” by the Mexican government and by their friends in the United States, first appeared in Michoacan, as a protest against the Cabelleros Templarios (Knights Templars) Cartel, which trades in drugs, traffics humans, and is deeply involved in other criminal activity.

While the Autodefensas were highly effective at curbing violence and kidnapping, they ran afoul of officials both local and Federal.

Hopefully, the spread of Autodefensa groups from Sonora on the U.S. Border to Morelos, well below Mexico City, will give a the civil authorities that the people have been pushed to their limit. A people who are not entirely disarmed.


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