Member Of The Violent Left Calls For Trump To Be Murdered: Other ANTI’s Call For Her Resignation

The anti-gun St.Louis Post Dispatch reports a Democratic member of the Missouri Senate has called for the murder of President Donald J. Trump. (The tweet has been deleted)

Members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation, including Rep. Lacy Clay and Senator Claire McCaskill have called for her resignation.

I do not believe anyone who would countenance thugs beating up a disabled and wheelchair bound man at one of her town meetings is genuinely opposed to the murder of a member of the other party, so in my opinion the calls are pro forma, and without conviction.


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2 Responses to Member Of The Violent Left Calls For Trump To Be Murdered: Other ANTI’s Call For Her Resignation

  1. Wu Chang says:

    Nadal has a history of letting her alligator mouth overload her hummingbird butt (look up her comments during the Ferguson mess) and she is term limited this session.

    Her biggest sin as far as the Missouri Democrat party is concerned is she had the audacity to run against Lacy Clay in his last primary and Ma McCaskill and Lacy are in lock step–

    She needs a big turn out in St Louis and St Louis County to offset the rural vote which has her pretty much pegged as having Potomac Fever and she will drape the flag around her shoulders and run as a ‘moderate’

    Considering Lacy and Claire never have a bad word to say about Maxine Waters and her rhetoric it further demonstrates their hypocrisy.

  2. Stranger says:

    Pretty much my opinion of the paor. They would sign away all our birthrights for a position in a Socialist government.


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