Media Still Moaning About Repeal Of Reg Branding Disabled People Insane

There is very little gun control news this morning, other than the usual Pravdas such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and the others, moaning about Congress repeal of an Obama rule branding anyone drawing a Social Security disability payment “Insane,” and requiring the confiscation of their guns.

The Obama fiat was unreasonable, unjust, and reprehensible. But the Pravdas are treating it as if it were an important public safety regulation.

The Pilgrims had an appropriate punishment for those depraved enough to call the disabled ‘mentally ill.’

Called “the stocks” in colonial America, it kept the depraved individual restrained and subject to whatever odium their fellows cast upon them. In days when every bed had it’s chamber pot, that could get pretty rank.

While I do not advocate bringing back the pillory, instead favoring shunning those who advertise with such deprabed publications, the time may yet come when a day of experiencing the slings and ordure of a day in the stocks may become appropriate.


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