Media Says Democrats Win If Moore Wins

I see the complicit media is in high gear, telling Alabamians what a bad frllow Judge Roy Moore is.

Most of the sub-cubs and cubbettes talk like Judge Moore has been tried, convicted on the basis of filmed photos of the Judge snatching and grabbing and has been sentenced to death by firing squad at sunup Tuesday.

The truth is taht Judge Moore was accused of what we used to call “mashing.” He was never charged with a crime, never went to trilal, never had a chance to defend himself, and win lose or draw, that situation is unlikely to change.

So alll the Fake News stories are just that. Fake news. That includes the New York times whine that sum dood can’t be an evangelical Republican Christian anymore, becuase that oueld put him in the same class as Roy Moore. And similar exercises in wild imagination from the other Fake News Headquarters, such as the Washington Post, CNN, and Politico.

And never a word about what the Judge and his opponent think about each candidates position on the isseverything. But Doug Jones has not been accused of anything by former Republican Campaign workers.

Roy Moore is a Republican who has shown he is well able to think for himself, and that he is a friend of our community and of gun rights. But Roy Moore has been accused of conduct unbecoming a man by former Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign

the choice is clear and should be made by Alabama voters, not fake news fabricators for the New York Tiems and Washington Post.

The people will speak on who they believe,Tuesday. Let them.


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