Media Pay No attention Until Lodge Run Over By Buffalo Herd

With the billionaire Socialists backing gun bans saying they will spend what it takes to defeat gun rights legislation, and rumors of a billion dollar plus gun ban campaign in the innd, one one Stu Bykofsky of tghe STU BYKOFSKY Philadelphia Daily News opines that a gun control campaign is revving up.

You are doggone tootin’ a gun ban campaign is revving up. The bloomberg’s and others who want a totalitarian one party system of government are afraid this 2018 may be their last chance to deny Amerians their last resort for choosing our own leaders.

A billion dollars would be cheap to control the $120 trillion economic powerhouse that is the United States. so,judging by all the talk form the billionaire boys klub s, we are in for a deluge of gun ban agitprop to rival 1963 and 1968.

Our survival as a free people depends on winning that battle. So it is time to get ready to vote.

Just as it is time to be aware of the facts about gun control.


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