Media Even Lies About School Shootings

The Washinton Free Beacon reports o the complicity media, who are such awful liars they even sensationalize gun minor incidents to Sanddy Hook or Cloumbine. As the Free Beacon Says…

Media Push Gun-Control Activists’ Misleading School Shooting Count, Includes Window Broken by BB Gun

Yes, that is correct. The mmedia even counts windows chipped by a B as equivalent to the Sandy Hook massacre or the Columbine High School shooting. While school shootings were a rarity before gun control the complicit media has pushed gun bans until a fifth of Americans believe gun control actually reduces crime. Making the media compicit in some 800,000 excess murders

And don’t think there is nothing wwe can do about it. As Dale Caarnegie pointed out in his “How To Win Friends And Influence People,” it is relatively easy to change a media outlet’s edit editorial policy.

Picck out your towns Daily Blat or TV broadcaster. Pick a dozen of the media’s advertisers and go in and kick the tires feel the upholstery, or whatever. When the salesman tries to close the sale tell him you will buy out of tpwn, because they advertise with the Blat or statioon KOOK, or whatever the name of your town’s anti-gun plague may be.

A half dozeen lost sales a week for a cou9ple of weeks is usually all it takes to cause the business owner to scream “cancel my ads” at the meia’s sales manager. something that is on the whole a good thing.

Because a media outlete a wild shot with a BB gun with the Sandy Hook School massacre will do anything bad.


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