Massachusetts Ban Lobby Invitations

There is no secret that Massachusetts 1990’s gun control law has been a disaster. By all indications except the numbers sent to the FBI – and Boston’s police reported homicide total, the Bay State is more violent now than it was in 1993.

Here some of the official crime stats in chart for, and the key police reported crime numbers are at this link:

So what are you looking at? On the left, we have the results of a long decline in violent crime and murder that began in 1922. That changed with the 1963 national gun ban campaign, and violent crime rates, including murder, began climbing/

The rate of climb increases with the passage of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, advancing the peak murder year from 19975 to 1973, when 256 murders were reported, up from the /0 that was typical before 1963.

The end of the ammunition purchase registry and other factors kept Massachusetts murder total within normal statistical variation until 1993, when a gun ban lobby’s “Assault Weapons Ban” triggered a change in Americans gun buying tastes from sporting to defensive firearms.

As a result, America’s, and Massachusetts murder and violent crime rates plummeted, from Law enforcement agencies reported 48.393 violent crimes and 233 murders to the FBI. That dropped to just 125 murders and 38,192 police reported violent crimes in 1998 – when idiocy struck in the form of gun control.

Peddled as an end to crime and violence in Massachusetts, the law resulted in soaring murder and violent crime rates. Despite claims that “gun violence has decreased” public records show the number and cost of of treatment of the wounded doubled in the first 36 months of Massachusetts gun control laws.

When Paul Cellucci signed his gun ban precursor bill into law, Massachusetts had more than three a million law abiding gun owners, who collectively owned more three and a half million guns. That number of guns and gun owners was sufficient to keep crime of all sorts under control.

Today, Massachusetts is estimated to have fewere than 300,000 lawfully held guns, a number far to small to keep crime in check.And of course, a far higher percentage of Bay State residents are victimized by two legged predators each year than before gun control.

Yet despite the spectacular failure of Massachusetts gun controls, it is never enough for the gun ban lobby. And it will not be enough until every gun is confiscated, every possible hiding place searched, every square foot of land gone over with a metal detector.

Given the facts, it is obvious that Massachusetts gun law has law has turned into a tool to end private gun ownership, as well as an abject failure at doing anything a sane person would consider “good.”

It is time and past time for Congress too preempt ALL restrictive State and local gun laws, limiting restrictions to “time and place” laws that do not limit the law abiding’s right to purchase, possess, and carry a firearm.


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