Mass Murder Is The Gun Control News

. The media smells blood and is pulling out all the stops pushing a gun ban. Students are demonstrating, copycats are springing up, and “Oh Lawd, how the money rolls in.” Ar at least the column inches and airtime devoted to banning guns multiply.

But statistically, this proliferation of mass murder should not be happening. America was a safe and civilized country, with a 2014 murder rate putting us as the 83rd, out of 195, safest country on Earth. Expressed another way, we were at 122nd place for murder, and at 133rd for forcible rape.

But we no longer have those enviable crime numbers. We have a gun control campaign, instead. The long term goal is to ban guns and control the people. It is nto banning any carbonated beverage over seven ounces anymore, it is hand the United States to those who would oppress us on a platter.

As a result, we have soaring murder and violent crime rates that have moved our murder rate up 23 positions to 99th. Our rape rate has risen even more, to 104th. Other crimes are rising in proportion. And that is not all.

We have had 25 mass murder victims 45 days, a near record 135 annual rate.

We have had 12 Law Enforcement Officers murdered, a * Officer a year rate, and second only to the first years Federal gun controls were imposed:

We have all this, yet we should not. By world standards, our nation should be as safe as Switzerland. But it is not.

The surge in mass murder might be a result of the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990,” replaced with a Constitutional law in 1995. The slow growth in mass murder began about then:

Years highlighted in red mark the latest gun ban campaign years

The “Gun Free Zone” signs tell everyone with a cracked mind that there are a lot of helpless victims in places link Florida’s Parkland High School. From thought to action is often only a broken window and another stolen gun report.

But the magnitude of the rise is inexplicable, unless there is a vector. Whether that vector is the devil or a billionaire with a complex. Whatever The numbers tell us that gun control campaigns are a major cause of the rise in violence in our once far safer and better armed nation, and that source must be dealt with, starting by voting those who vote for more violence out of office.

But that leaves many unknowns. What is causing the rise in Officers murders? We should see less than 30 such tragedies a year, and we are running at almost a 100 a year rate. And that problem must be rooted out and dealt with.

And we have a mass murder problem, with the people in every facility placarded “gun free” from schools and churches to warehouses, factories, stores, and malls as well as city and county facilities at risk of becoming a mass killers victim.

Those sighs must come down, and schools must provide for the security of the children in their care. If they can afford uniformed police, fine. If the budget will only allow armed teachers, No child has been harmed by a school shooter in a school protected by those we trust with our children.

In brief, we must deal with the factors empowered by the gun ban lobbies, the hired guns of the “Progressive Left.”


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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