Mary Landrieu Thanks Trump for Coming To Louisiana, Demo Propaganda Mill Ignores Her

NewsBusters has taken notice of former U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu thanked Donald Trump for taking the time to visit flood ravaged Louisiana.

A thank you the Pravdas and the cable media have not deigned to report.

Moon Landrieu’s daughter is still politically ambitious, and there is very little doubt that Mary’s statement resonated with the folks back home. What lies next for the lady is uncertain, but thre is no doubt she has talent that was wasted as one of Harry Reid’s rubber stamps.

Personally, were I in that situation, I would switch parties. Unless the Democrats can find some new leadership, humankind’s “Last Friend” will finish the party off in a few years, and it seems the old Reds are reluctant to give up power.

There are more opportunities in the political center than there are on the extreme left, and centrist better fits her persona.


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