Many Objections To POTUS Call For Rough Treatment Of Those Arrested

21 of the top 100 crime headlines are Officers and chiefs objections to he POTUS call for treating those arrested more harshly.

More years ago than I care to contemplate, before the “Korean police action” the new thing in police work was “appropriate response.” The dude who came aling like a lanmb was to be treated with consideration, while the tough guy might well wind up with a sore jaw and lumps on his head.

My old boss was a great believer in that, and I can only recall one incident that went beyond “Mr. Jones would you please place your hands behind your back.” A tough kid wanted for robbery in Amarillo dropped out of a box car, right into the man mountain wh rand the sheriffls office. The kid pulled a knife and the Big Man put his lights out for about 12 hours. Which was, under the circumstances, an appropriate response.

But getting back on topic,looks like PoTIUS has has a bad week. First he hires a gun control activist, talks about firing the first Attorney General we have had in 24 years, essentially hands Reince Preibus his walking papers, and created a lot of distension and distrust.

Especially in our shooting community, since we have seen gun banners in the White House in the past. As little as seven months in the past.

As my dad would say, “There’s no point in stretching your mouth by putting your shoe in it.”

OR, to quite my favorite teacher of all time often told her class of 48 rowdy fourth,fifth, and sixth grade students,”Silence is golden.”


For the curious, he next morning I interrupted the sawbones eating breakfast, and got him to inspect the sleeping prisoner. Doc looked the sleepers bruised phiz, pulled his eyelids up and looked, noted the missing teeth, and turned to the Big Man.

“Sheriff,” aid the Doc, I would have been kinder to have hit him with a sledge hammer.”


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