Making A Chart, Checking It twice

for thosse wondering, as several have, when all 50 States and the District of Dolumbia will have new charts.

It is a slower process this time around due to the increase in violent crime and murder since 2013. For instance, here is the latest homicide chart for Alaska, including the results of the 2014 to the present gun ban drive:

And of course, that rise from 4.1 homicides in 2012 to 8.0 in 2015, with the slight, and normal due to normal statistical variation in 2016 is nicely highlighted in red.


About Stranger

Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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