“Luxembourg’s Murder Rate?”

Someone stopped by searching for “Luxembourg Murder Rate.”

Given that the redirect warning was in Arabic script I assume the source was a search from Qatar.

And before I begin let me point out some traps. First, many of the statistics on the internet date to the 1990’s, or to a 2003-04 UN survey. The results range from preposterous to ludicrous, as the numbers at this link demonstrate.

Second, much of what is available compares the raw crime numbers of a State of a half million population with those of a State with 300 million population. When we talk about rates, even if the statement that Luxembourg had “2 manslaughters” were actually true, that all important rate is almost exactly the same as the manslaughter rate for the 600 times more populous United States. Where almost all the “manslaughter’s” were justifiable, and justified, homicides.

Third, in common with European practice, Luxembourg generally does not count crime victimizations when the victim is an “outlander.” Since Luxembourg is a destination nation for displaced persons of all nationalities, and more than 40 percent of the total population is foreign born, the publicly reported numbers are substantially under counted.

Fourth, while Luxembourg has several official languages; German and French among them, most business is carried out in Luxembourgish. Which is a “high German” dialect, with enough differences to confuse those not born to the tongue. That is another source of confusion, as familiar words describe different concepts.

That said, for 2011 the population of Luxembourg was estimated at 508,000, closely enough to use 5.1 hundred thousands in crime rate calculations without introducing a significant error.

From academic sources, there were at least 71,490 crimes reported to the police, for an overall crime rate of 14,018 per 100,000 population. See item three, above, for an explanation of “at least.”

There were at least 6,135 violent crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, and assault with major or minor injury reported to the police, for a violent crime rate of 1,202.9.

There were 41 murders reported in the press for a homicide rate of 8.0 per 100,000.

In short, Luxembourg is a typical European country, with reported crime rates typical of the region. However, it should be clearly understood that these numbers represent crimes that victimized only 57 percent of Luxembourg’s population.

What the actual crime numbers and rates among all segments of the population may be is a matter of conjecture.


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