Looks Like A Slow News Morning

I find very little on the radar, other than Gabby Gifford political action committe has established a “fellowship” in memory of the Pulse Orlando victims. Which is a bit ironic because most of the dead and wounded were shot as a consequence of Florida’s often irrational gun laws. The same laws Giffords wants to extents spread to every corner of our country.

And Steve Bartin’s Newsalert a vodep re[prt pm a
Unite the Right march
at Charlottesville, Virginia.

The media is billing the event as a “White Nationalist” demonstration, and it may be. But it is time for America’s political center and right to unite.

We have a small minority of Progressive Socialists ruling us, the same lot who ruined Venezuela, who have infiltrated our schools and news outlets. Their relative numbers can be judged by the 70,000 or so who attended the Atlanta NRA Conventoin,and the thirty or so unpaid volunteers who protested the Convention.

If it were not of for the media fifth column, the progressives would be laughtedout of the coutnry. So yes,it is time for the Center/Right to flex our muscles.

Afer all,if every American proteced by a gun in their home were to give five bucks for gun rights, that would almost one billion dollars, as Bloomberg spends in eight years, to fight for gun rights and freedom.


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