LOL: The Bush Family Does Not Like Trump

According to several leftist media gloats, including CNN the Bush family does not like President Donald J. Trump.

And well they might not. The Bush family has been establishment politics: for as long as I can remember. When you have been a winner virtually every time you have run for something – and some upstart comes along hand handles a family member as easily as President Trump did, there will be anger and disappointment.

But to admit that is gauche, and a breach of civility. former Presidents should maintain their dignity, even in the face of unpleasant realtty.

But since the Rubicon has been crooseed,, many of us have good reason to recall GHW and GW Bush with less than enthusiasm.

Besides squandering President Ronald Reagan’s legacy, injuring all of us, GHW was our great friend, who would never ever not by any means at all sign or support a gun ban bill – who was a major factor in gaining Republican support for for 1903’s Assault Weapons Ban.

When that news hit, some of our community were resigned, but most were outraged. GHW took not of the outrage, let his temper and threw a very public hissy fit. Much to the delight of the complicit media, which spread news of GHW’s noisy resignation from the NRA on almost every front page in America.

GW, “Dubya” made the usual noises politicians make,”I respect gun owners, love the Second Amendment, would never sign a bill limiting gun rights,” and all the other empty verbiage. If so, he was not very active about demonstrating the fact.

In fairness, GW took over the Oval Office January 20, 2001, and had just about had the route to the nearest toilet memorized a series of disaters culminating in the 9/11 terror attack hit. Dogged by the bitter hatred of the complicit media, GW had less opportunity in 8 years to do something to back up his implied promises to our community than GHW had in four years.

But where “the rubber hits the road,” President Donald J. Trump has done more for the American economy and our civil rights than than the Bush’s, pere et fils, did in 12 years.

Which leads to the conclusion that we need more blowhards and fewer establishment loyalists in government.


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2 Responses to LOL: The Bush Family Does Not Like Trump

  1. Anon says:

    Daddy Bush voted for GCA ’68, and he administration implemented the import ban in ’89 (in addition to what you wrote).

    Junior Bush won the TX governorship over Ann Richards because he supported CCW and she didn’t. Having said that, he campaigned for President saying that he would sign the AWB renewal if it got to his desk. Supporters claim that was merely campaign rhetoric, but I have no doubt he would’ve done so.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the comment. The evil men do live after them, and personally I will be glad to seen the Bush name disappear from national politics.


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