LOL: Anti’s And False Arguments For Gun Control

Generally speaking, members of the shooting community who speak out against gun contorl recite the facts. That is all that is needed to persuade a sane person that gun cotnrol is bad.

That does not mean that a sane and careful listener will understand the full scope of the evil things gun control encourages, but with enough repetition it sinks in.

The scropt writer for the ANTI’s has a couple of dozen propaganda pieces set pieces floating about, evidently drafts from the same outline.

We do not need propaganda, the facts are enough. In 522 years of gun control, with mroe than 100 new laws a year, not even one such law has reduced crime, made anyone safer, but has sharply increased the violent crime and murder rates.

That is a powerful argument against gun control in itsself. So powerful that no other statement is necessary for a rational audience.

Gun control has been tried very nearlly 57,800 times without a single success. Thosands of variants and combinations have been tried, and have failed. The effect of gun control is easily stated. The history of gun control shows it kills.

And New York’s heavily censored crime statistics prove gun control does not work*:

Well, Phineas T. Barnum is famed for saying something like “There is a sucker born every minute.” True, and they all seem to become editors and publishers.


* This chart begins in the 54th year of rigid cgun controls in New York, the 1911 Sullivan law. That law itself raised the United States murder rate by half a point. Click on the graphic for a full size view.

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