Live and Death In A Disarmed Country

Estimates out of Mexico City indicate the total of murdered and “disappeared and presumed dead” is edging closer to 50,000 a year, four times the American murder rate in a coutnry with 40 percent of the population.

As this report indicates, the situation is not improving:

The “Autodefensas” the government broke up a few years back show how things could be, as local volunteer police forces cut violent crime by up to 92% in one of the worst hit Mexican States, Micchoacan.

But in an all too familiar story, cutting criminal activity, particularly child trafficking, the Autodefensas cut the politicians “second income,” and the groups, which arrested criminals and truned them over to Federal authorities, was disbanded.

The Autodefensa’s reward was being jailed on trumped up charges as a reward for community service.

The leader of Michoacan’s Autodefensas has been imprisond for years, without charges, evidently as a warning to those who would impose law and order.

And finally, among this morning’s news is a report that th State Department is warning Americans not to travel to eight Mexican States because of the prevalence of violence.

And that is what happens when some of the most expansive set of gun rights on Earth are made worthless by limiting laws intended to protect a venal political system and become worthless.


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