Less Than 60 Days Until Mississippi Becomes An “Open Carry” State

Chewing the fat with a young Law Enforcement Officer over breakfast, he reminded me that it will not be long until July first. The day Mississippi is again an “open carry” state. Just as those who wrote Mississippi’s Constitution intended.

If history repeats itself, as it usually does, that will be just another day on the calendar. That does not mean that law enforcement is not concerned about the change. Despite the fact that a very high percentage of the State’s drivers carry a “pistol in the pocket,” the glove compartment or console, they cannot help but worry about what “might” happen.

Which will almost certainly be the same thing that will happen in Arkansas on the same day. The Wonder State becomes a “Constitutional Carry” State on July First. And I seriously doubt that anything unusual will happen.

While I do not blame LEO’s for worrying, I seriously doubt that there is anything to worry about. Unless you are worried about a lower violent crime rate.


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