Left Cheering “Bipartisan Gun Control Support”

The Fake News HQ Cable is laughing and singing about “bipartisan support” for the gun ban bills CNN favors.

I have seen some comments suggesting a couple of the usual suspects on “our side” are thinking of selling out. Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan has never satisfactorily explained his call for gun control, for one. But a Ryan sellout would not change the makeup of the House, or the almost certain fact the gun banners would not have enough votes to override a Presidential vetoo.

So I am not too worried about what this Congress might do. I am very concerned we will get overconfident and send our wives to the polls instead of taking time to cast our vote ourselves.

If we vote as a community, with 7- percent or more participation, we gain seats. If we can get to 80 percent participation next November, it will take the gun banners a generation to recover. If they ever recover.


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