Lawsuit To Restore Gun Right

Barry Michael is a Nevada Congressional Candidate who has brought suit to restore a person convicted of a non-vilent felony to have their restored after five years.

Mr. Michaels story, convicted of white collar crimes in the 1990’s, no further offenses, getting up in years, living alone, in a city rocked by new gun controls and violent crime, wants to protect himself.

The key question is whether or not Franklin Roosevelt’s 83 year old ban on ALL felons instead of the less than four percent who are at risk of committing violent offenses is just. Nor is it whether or not it is Constitutional.

Classifying a hungry hobo convicted of stealing a sandwich with a mass clearly unjust.The one has committed a crime that calls for for mercy – and food – while the other has forfeit his life. The Nervous Nancys and the Semanticists have no moral or ethical grounds to protest.

But the real question is whether or not it wouild be safe to allow a person with a white collar crime on their record should be allowed the God given right of self defense.

The recidivism rate among non-violent felons is low in the first place, and in the second such individual almost invariably commit more white collar crimes. Whether or not the trusted employee who cleans out the larg bill compartment of the cas register when she thinks no one would be watching is no greater risk to society if she had a gun in her bag or not.

I have commented many times that an end to gun rights with a felony conviction was nto what the Founders wanted. As Patrick Henry said, “The great object is that every man should have a gun.” If man als incoudes woman, I fully agree.

Even the most severely deranged of mass murderers seek out places where guns are barred to do their crimes, and the more people who carry the lower crime rates will be.

The risk to the public if a non violent felon’s civil rights, including their gun rights, restored is on the same order as being hit with a block of “yellow ice” from a passing aircraft.

It is time, it is safe, so let’s do it. At the Federal level, rendering all laws that render a citizens right to defend herself or himself less than absolute.


N.B. For those who wish who are in similar circumstances, Mr. Michaels is seeking to make the case a class action lawsuit, and your signature on the website given in the video would give it a push.


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