King Of he Gun Banners Gives Virginia ANTI $250,000

I see the greatest contributor to the American gun ban industry, George Soros, has given $250,000 for his run for governor.

Pierellow is a onet-term-and-out Representative, and a apparently a lifer at the Department of State, pre Rex Tillerson.

On the Issues Perello’s voting record, which is best described as nonentity. He was just another vote for whatever Nancy Pelosi said vote for or against. On what little record he has, he rates in the bottom half of the alphabet.

The fact that a billionaire who looks like death warmed over and for years the major funder of the gun control industry gave this guy a quarter of a million is not a favorable sign.

And from his photo, he could stand to do a little walking. Starting in the direction opposition his house, and walking until he gets home.


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