Kidney Carry Versus Appendix Carry?

Someone stopped by searching for “appendix carry vs kidneycarry.”

Generally speaking, appendix carry means carry in an inside waistband holster with the muzzle pointed approximately in the direction of your appendix. Like this:

If your belt buckle is at “12 O’Clock,” kidney carry means carrying in a sharply canted holster like this one from The Holster Site in anything from the 3:00 to the 4:00 position.

Now, it’s like this. One of the rules of safe gun handling is “never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.”

In the appendix carry, your weapon is carried in the front of your trousers, where it is going to print. The muzzle of Roscoe is pointed at parts of your anatomy you do not want to damage. Including the femoral artery, meatus, and other important bits. If the thought of bleeding out in 60 seconds, instant gender changes, and similar results does not disturb you, there’s nothing really wrong with appendix carry.

On the other hand, carried in the 3:00 position kidney carry keeps the muzzle pointed behind you. Even in the 4:00 position at worst the bullet will penetrate the large muscles of your back. But in all probability, the stray bullet will wind up in the car trunk somewhere without damaging you. And I find the draw from a kidney carry position both fast and easy. (The holster is from the Holster Site, the link’s on the right.)

Of course, how you carry is up to you. But I do prefer kidney carry. It is a lot easier to carry concealed with your self defense piece back under a vest or coat than in “the bosom of your britches.”


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