“Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of Criminals”

Bloomberg’s “Everytown” propaganda group is working the “keep guns out of the hands of criminals” meme overtime in their campaign to pass gun and gun owner registration; that historic precursor to gun confiscation and the labor camps.

The ATF trace data clearly shows that most guns confiscated by police are stolen and trafficked into the place they were confiscated. At the current rate of confiscation, the criminal underworld has a more than 500 year supply of guns.

Since criminals not buy guns from either gun dealers or from private sellers, how do you keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

Background checks? So far as the actual data goes, the only thing we can prove is gthat the inception of gun buyers criminal background checks coincided with a sharp reduction in the rate of reduction of violent crime. If background checks ahve done anything, it is bad.

Permits to purchase, with backgroiund checks? Gun ownership is a right, and rights cannot be taxed.

Ban guns entirely? There have been many laws baning some or all guns. Each of them have resulted in sharply higher crime rates, particularly murder, and quite often gun related murder.

Regular Alley readers know I could continue this at length. Bt since I have an appointment in 17 minutes, let me conclude this post by pointing out there is only one way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Make sure young people do not decide become criminals. Young people need assurance for the future. If tghey do not have confidence that they will be able to succeed in the society they have been born into the result will be a very low birth rate and a very high crime rate.

So if you want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, start by helping the nuclear family thrieve. Create plenty of jobs, and make sure schools teach the basic skills local employers need. Let young people work at basic skill builders. Encourage them to develop a skills package that will get their feet in the door.

And at the same time, make bad examples out of those who do adop a criminal lifestyle, with fast trials, and sentences in line with the gravity of the cirme.

And let any citizen exercise his right as an American to purchase, transport, store, and carry a gun.


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