KC Star: “What My Gun Means To Me”

The Kansas City Star has an item up that is well worth a read.

Titled “What My Gun Beans To Me,” the item interviews four gun owners, and gets their stories and opinions down. Very good. The more so, since such reports help breed understanding between those who would ban guns out of hand and law abiding collectors, target shooters, hunters, and those who want an instant first respoonder when something threatens their family or a neighbor.

And, to be fair, The Star also printed the gun banner’s knee jerk “there is no reason to own an assault weapon” propaganda line.

In a world where the majority of the deaths attributed to “assault weapons” are at the hands of Police SWAT Teams and the annyal total of rifle involved homicides was, before the latest gun ban campaaign, approximately 250 deaths per year, 50 at the hands of the police, 30 to 40 at th hands of private citizens, and half of those were adjudged “Justifiable hooomicides” or noll prossed becase prosecutros had no evidence of malice or mischance.

Yes, I am a gun owner. In fact, I am a collector, which means the safe has a few more than the national average of three guns per adult. and yes, I can reach a gun almost any time of day or night. In almost 85 years I have fired one warning shot. Which turned into a laugher as a would be thief rant thorough two strands of barbed wire getting away.

But over my almost 85 years on this erth, a gun drove off a crazy man with an ax who thought my mother was his estranged wife. A gun meant that I could leave my wife alone during the first few weeks of our marriage, before I found a house in a safe neighborhood. A gun has meant that I could walk across the street and hold a home invader for police. A gun has meant that the dime store knife went clattering to the ground instead of being stuck in my chest. A gun meant that I could grab one and respond to the neighborhood Peeping Tom – and chuckle as he ran through a field of dried blackberry canes.

And yes, a gun has meant more than that to me. in 84 years and ten months, a gun owner for 70 if years and ten months of those years, I have never fired a shot in anger. and guns mean a lot to me. as they mean a lot to the approximately 190 million adult Americans who have a gun at home.

I hink I will continue to fight the ignorance of the 8- million or so who support gn restrictions that have no chance of success and whose failure will only lead to even more restrictive laws that in an amazingliy short time, typically just 15 years, almost invariably lead to this:

although that mass murder of almost 40 million people their government described as “subhuman and unworthy of life” took 2o years to devolve.


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