Kayla Moore Says They Are ….

Several reports out of Alabama quite Judge Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, saying they are gathering evidence of payments made to Judge Moore’s accusers.

While all I know is that the accusations are out of character for the man, proof that the Washington Post paid for accusations would end any remaining influence the far left and rabidly anti-gun rag has.


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  1. Bill T says:

    In politics, The enemies you have is often nearly as important as the friends you have. The people of Alabama know Roy Moore is Christian “to the bone” and these accusations are far from his known character. He lost his elected office twice for standing for his principles by not removing the Ten Commandments from where they were displayed.

    His wife is his main cheerleader and many who might have stayed home on voting day have said they would turn out and vote for Judge Moore because of the attempted smear campaign by the “Establishment”.

    I am disappointed by our Senior Senator, Richard Shelby, for his mealy mouthed statement about this, “If he is guilty of this (38 years ago) there is no place for him in the Senate.” (The Saintly, sinless, group of people who preside in the Senate of the United States) Mr. Shelby is a “Converted” Democrat who changed parties after being elected as a Democrat changed to Republican so he could be elected to his next term. Can you spell “RINO”? It’s almost enough to make you throwup your Turnip Greens and Corn Bread!

    I hope Judge Moore runs away with the election because he will be on the “Swamp Draining Team” we so desperately need in the Senate and the rest of Washington DC.

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