Kali ANTI’s ARe A Nosy Bunch of By-Blows, Aren’t They

Breitbart California Democrats want to know the race and orientation of lobbyists.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart rep;ort linked above:

Democrats in the California state legislature are asking lobbyists to provide data on the race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation of their firms’ employees — while the state refuses to give voter data to President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission.

In civilized species those are questions that are not ached, other than by a physician making a risk assessment on a patient. Obviously, California Democrats are not civilized, or they would not suggest such a thing. After all,rating people by things they cannot control is unfair anywhere you go. After all, a man is what he has made himself, and should not be judged by things he has no control of.

And, given the history of “me-too” ism in the ANTI Party, the next thing will to demand gun owners provide such information to the State,and on the mandatory Form 4473 necessary for a NICS check.

And after that,the Anti’s will want that information on drivers licenses.

Like the old song says, that is far too much sugar for a dime.

But the solution is simple enough. Vote ’em out.


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