John Stossel on Noam Comsky and Socialism

t Iis no great secret that I I dislike the modified form of Communism called Socialism. 2600 eyars ago Aristotle pointed out that putting yourself under the absolute control of someone else is slavery, and that is what Communism does the same thing communistic societies of Aristotle’s time did, control the distribution of food and even water to absolutely control the common people, reserving bountiful amounts of the best a nation has to offer for the ruling elite.

Unfortunately, some peopole, even supposedly educated people, listen to the promise but refulse to look at the results of Communism, which Harvard notable Noam Chomsky, a die-hard Fellow Traveler if not an overt Communist, calls “State Capitalism.”

Here’s John Stossel and Noam Chomsky with Chomsky boasting about communism in Venezuela:

Like gun control, Communism and its variants have quite a long history without a single success One of the definitions insanity is a world view that does not agree with reality, and those like Chomsky’s world view does nto agree with real history.


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