Joe Arpaio May Primary Senator Jeff Flake

Arizona’s Senator Jeff Flake’s popularity rating ranges from 11 to 18 percent, making most pundits call Flake a sure lose in next year’s elections.

On the other hand, recently pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s popularity rating ranges from 36 to 54 percent. Which would make the former Maricopa County Sheriff the pundit’s runaway pick.

There are other announced candidates for both the ANTI and the Republican for the seat heled by Flake, and more will come.

The Washington Examiner reports one of those yet to come may be Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose popularity is as high as 55 percent, making him a pundit’s choice.

I think we all know of Sheriff Joe’s accomplishments in law enforcement, and here is Jeff Flake’s voting record.

While Flake has been a friend of our community, others, including announced candidate Kelli Ward, has also proven herself a very good friend of our community, with an excellent grasp of economic issues.

The voters of Arizona will make the final decision, but a majority of Arizonans are gun owners.

We shall see what we shall see, in much less than a year.


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