Jay Inslee, “59 Days To Save The Planet”

The State of Washinton’s Jay Inslee is a typical Democrat who hates guns, loves spending, and really loves confiscatory taxatin that has the working class families working four jobs to keep the rent paid.

Inslee also believes in the cclimate change fivction, since it puts so many dollars in Democrats campaign funds – like every other Democrat.

Inslee has been pushing a carbon tax, claiming that we have only wwe have only 58 days to save the planet for our children.

While the 59 days is purely propaganda, a carbon tax would nto be a bad idea – if we could get those who produce the huge amounts of carbon and fly ash fouling our planet to pay the tax:

But there is no legal or moral way we can force those responsible for the mess, to pay for cleanup much less for scrubbers to mitigate the emissions of soot and fly ash responsible for fouling the Arctic, and virtually eliminating sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk.

So whether Inslee gets his way or not, the working class will have to find more working hours to feed the “Progressive Left’s” insatiable thirst for campaign cash – and we all know how that corrupt system works.


By the way, the red bars show what Inslee’s gun controls have done to Washinton:


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