James Woods Tweets Truth

Twitchy reports gun control advocates heads will begin exploding just any second now because
actor James Woods has has tweeted some very good advice of women.

The advice is brief and to the point:

If you are going to own two things to make your life safer, get a gun and a dog.

Yes. I have known many Officers who, fresh out of Academy who opposed gun ownership. But let an Officer spend a couple of years doing routine police work and ask him or her if they still believed in gun control. Tgise wgise career track has been on the administrative side may retain their anti-gun opinion, but the ladies and gentlemen who see the bad stuff wise up rather quickly.

Everyone should take the District of Columbia desk sergeant’s advice to a young serial rape victim. In 1961 that advice was “Get a gun, learn to use it, and use it when you have to. You will know when you have to.”

The 2015 version has expanded to “Get a gun and learn to use it. Get a permit anbd carry it everywhere. Use if you have to, you will know when you have to.”

I would recommend you not carry it in the shower, but since we never know what lies around the corner, that is the best advice I have ever seen.

The gun you buy should fit you, and be in a caliber as powerful or more powerful than 9mm Luger. Go to a gun dealer when the sales people have are not rushed, and ask to look at a carry handgun. The one you want will be in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, or some other “police caliber.” Beyond that,buy the handgun that feels right in your hand. When you pick up what amounts to a life preserver and it sinks into your hand as easily as a tired man sinks into his old recliner, you have found the one.

On the dog, leave the pet shop’s puppy mill wares alone. Go to the pound. Take a few bags of dry dog food, as large as you can handle easily, and you will win the affections of everyone there who cares about the dogs they try to care for.

Take a tour of the dogs, talking all the way. The dog that tries to tear down the cage to get to you is a likely candidate, provided it fits the other criteria.

If you have a few acres with a “hog tight fence,” a large dog might be the one to win your heart.But generally a small, preferably short haired, dog is a lot easier and cheaper to take care of.

Now,let me detour just a bit and point out that a typical dog is about as smart as a human three year old. A mature dog genius might hit 100 on an IQ for a four year old. And a dog rescued from a pound, particularly one that has been there a few days, are generally enormously grateful to have a human guardian and feeder. And will show it if you give them a chance.

Dogs cannot talk, since their mouths and vocal apparatus are not generally suitable, not because they are not intelligent enough to understand what you But if you pay attention to your dog’s body language, you will find them quite communicative. . So do not expect a pound pup to discuss Einstein, or even tell you when the water tray is empty – unless you are really god at talking to the severely speech impaired. Pay attention to the dog’s needs and virtually every problem will disappear.

A dog needs 15 calories a day per pound of body weight, 36 calories per kilo, so a small or at least smallish dog will be cheaper to own, a short haired dog will not need expensive professional grooming, a Heinz 57 mixed breed from the pound will love you just as much as a $5,000 designer dog from a big name kennel, and that warning bark that something is not right in the dog’s world has been a lifesaver for tens of thousands.

So take James Woods advice. Get a gun to defend yourself and those around you, and get a suitable dog to warn you of trouble.


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