It Only Takes One Person On Fire To Change The World

Browsing Steve BVartin’s NewsAlert when a vaguely familiar name jumped out at me.

Madison Grant? Mad Grant? Ashley Madison? No, zzzoos kept cropping up. So I watched the video. And yes, Madison rant was one of the most important Americans you never heard of.

Gran was what passed for a blue blood in the gay ninetyies. And then he was a great cconservationist, who bought millions of acres of California and gave them to the Stat for wildlife preservation. And when wildlife not subject to predation did what such populations do, crash, Madison Grant invented “wildlife management.”

There is more to Madison Carter’s life, and the reason he should be justly famous, but is instead justly notorious.The video below is less than five minutes long = and contains a wold of information. Watch it, and be better informed. Especially about the damage a zealot with the best of intentions can do:

Especially where government micromanagement of every aspect of daily life is concerned.

But at the bottom, eugenics consists of the murder of those humans who do not fit the prejudices of the apostle peddling eugenics sells mass murder. And the restrictive gun ;aws that empower those who buy Progressivism.


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