It Is Less How Many More Murders But Where

As I noted earlier today, the total number of U.S. Murders is up by 1,181, from 12,270 to 13,455, a an increase of very slightly less than 10 percent.

Here is the updated 1880 to 2015 homicide graphic, with 2015 in red for the moment to make it easier to judge how many more homicides last years disappointing totals were:


But while the problem is quite serious, especially to those of us who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours repealing or modifying the restrictive gun laws underlying the very high crime rates of the past, the where is more important than the overall homicide total.

so where are more A Americans being murdered? Sanctuary cities, oto name one major problem. Sanctuary cities are natural magnets for the millions of illegals here one jump ahead of a posse.

And then there are the cities that have been in under Democratic misrule, often for generations. Kansas City went from 78 murders ti 109; St. Louis from 109 to 188, Flint from 28 to 47, and on and on. The fact is that most of our crime problems are concentrated in cities with a history of Democratic rule, meaning plenty for prestige items, and none to keep up the water system.

But the cities are not the only major problem. We have some States that contributed almost half of the increase in murders between 2014 abnd 2015.

Washington D.C up 57, essentially bans guns. +57

Maryland, New restrictions on guns, +154

Connecticut, with a new gun law, +28

Colorado, another State with new restrictive gun laws; : +26

Washington State with a brand new Universal Background Check +33

Oregon, Another State that went the background check route: +15

Illinois, with both gun registration and an almost complete ban in Chicago +54

California, harassing gun owners into moving away: +161

That is 528 excess murders in States that have recently added restrictions to gun ownership. 528 out of 1,181.

But then when you dig a bit deeper, you find something else. Across wide areas of the United States, crime is down or flat. If it had not been for the increases in the sanctuary cities and those with new gun controls, our murder rate would have dropped again.

But we have sanctuary cities, politicians who see guns as running counter to their ambitions, and corrupt state and city officials.

that change must necessarily come from one of two boxes. We are never going to persuade pols on the take and billionaires who want to be trillionaires to stop what they are doing, so change must come from the ballot box or the cartridge box.

Let me assure you the ballot box is the much easier way to go. So get out and vote vote for change. Real change.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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3 Responses to It Is Less How Many More Murders But Where

  1. wuchang says:

    total number of U.S. Murders is up by 1,181, from 12,270 to 12,455

    12,455-12270=181 and 12,455/12,270=1.015077424612877 round up to 1.02 or 2%

    I have to watch my fat fingers when I use the keyboard also LOL

  2. wuchang says:

    actually it should be 185– see my fat fingers comment in previous

  3. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Posting from my desk on a half size keyboard, I definitely have fat fingers. That error was caught and corrected, and I will adde the 1880 to 2015 homicde graphic in a few.

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