It is colder in Mississippi than Germany and Poland

The current official temperature is 23 for town, and a couple of degrees lower here away from the urban heat island. That is 25F degrees, 13 C, colder than reports out of northern Germany and Poland!

The new Years Day Arctic Sea Ice reading was 12,350,000 square kilometers. That is not bad, considering all the extra soot and fly ash falling on the the Arctic, and almost completely wiping out the ice on the Sea of Okhotsk.

Mean Arctic air temperatures are still in the “calculate it yourself” range, but the average of 20 Arctic weather stations has the temps at 248.1K, or approximately -21C, or -5.5F. Plenty cold enough to freeze even polluted sea water.

And of course this week it is North America’s turn to get a hefty dose of Arctic chill.

Be careful out there, it is a cold one. And if you have to go out in the cold, make sure the cel phone batteries are charged, pack some extra food, and above all stay on heavily travelled roads so they do not find your frozen body a week after you slide off the road.


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