“It Is A Poor Sword That Lacks Two Edges”

The Kansas City Star reports charges of misconduct have forced a Democrat to drop out of the race for the US House of Representatives.

since this is a child-safe site, the story is at the lnk and the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, those charges are a very powerful sword that cares not in the least about the politics of the accused. Used indiscriminately one edge is always aimed at the accusers throat.

the various charges that have been been bandidied about have already gotten young men wary of young American women. In he last decade, several of my own great grandsons have gone abroad to find a bride, and there are rumors out there that “company X” or Company Y” have stopped hiring young women for fear of being accused of the sort of misconduct of the sort that forced Andrea Ramsey to drop out.

Every false accusation makes the problem worse. And twenty, thrity, forty years from now, what is a problem will be acute.

Our grandmothers used selective deafness and ice pick size hatpins to fend off the uncouth. It may return to that.


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