It is 11:14 PM Tomorrow In Korea

If I have not lost track of time zones it is now 11:15 PM, Wednesday, October 13, 217 in North Korea.

I mention this, because because a report that a U.S. Military helicopter having crashed in Japan, and a report, a rumor, a whatever, to the effect our chopper was shot down.

Given the present situation, if shot down by the NORK’s is correctg, I expecte things to get rather noisy in that secotro in about seven hours.


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4 Responses to It is 11:14 PM Tomorrow In Korea

  1. Ken says:

    This source ranks slightly below the National Enquirer. This “reporter” is a bit ……geographically ignorant at best. So his “story” is a Marine CH-53 flying in Okinawa over a landing field was shot down by the NORKS? By my map that is just a hair under 1000 miles. That would be some really good shooting. Perhaps they just had a landing accident?

  2. Stranger says:

    Well, now, sometimes the National Enquirer makes news by publishing news. Tht source would do the same, if it ever published the news. It is now broad daylight in Pyongyang and the BEEB has so far been quiet, so I assume that it is just another false alarm.


  3. BillT says:

    “Rocket Man” may be crazy times 10 to the 1000th degree but he is not absolutely stupid. He plays the news media like a concert violinist. The only thing that gives me real pause is that he may make an error that breaks the “Balance” and he commits National Suicide for North Korea and all the nastiness that would entail with the rest of the world afterwards.

  4. Stranger says:

    The pudgy dude with the funny haircut is more out sync with the times. He does not realizzze his “big friends” cannot afford his form of piracy any more.

    He is fairly intelligent and absolutely ruthless, but that will not save his regime. What remains to be seen is what he will do to better his situation. Whicck will only get worse when the bombs start falling.


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