It Did Not Matter What They Called It, The Result Was The Same

The first gun control law we know of was a decree by the first Duke Of Wuremburg, Eberhard I, in 1495. That one was branded a public safety measure, and was imosed after a young rake shot an d seriously wounded a favorite courtesian.

Since then there have been more than 57,762 restrictive gun laws. They have been called many things, starting with claims of public safety, insuring the stability of the State, protecting the Church, protecting Members of Parliament from the Papists, and enough other things to fill a slinder volume.

But in reality all those laws did the same thing. This:

To be sure, the rate of rise and the amount of the rise in violent crime and murder rates depended on the severity of the law and rigor of enforcement, but if laws are judged by their results, every restrictive gun law over 522 years has been a failure. None has reduced crime, none has made anyone safer, and not even one has prevented politically motivated murders.

The same thing happened with the French ban on longbows, the Church’s ban on crossbows except against infidels, the Turkish ban on the horn and hide bows that reportedly could cast an arow 1,000 yards, the bans on slender knives made to conceal, the ban on swords outside the home, and so on.

All those laws and decrees failed miserably to do anything a sane human would consider “good.”

There were good laws concerning weapons, laws that the AD 33 or so orders a Man named Yeshua or Joshua gave his followers in an upper room in Jerusalem.

“From this hour,” he said, “You will take your money band, and the money you have in your traveling bag, and buy a sword.”

“From this hour,” spoken to His followers in an Upper Room in Jerusalem have never been rescinded, revoked, or modified. The permissive laws that require His followers to be armed haed resulted in less crime, less violence, made people safer, and perhaps even kept the ruling elites safer.

This is what Yeshua’s advice leads to each time and every time resulting in a “good” for His obedient followers:

But now comes a man of the cloth who dec;ares….

All I want for Christmas is gun control.

There are many places he could get his wish without violating a direct order given His followers through His Disciples.

England is the most violent developed contruy on earth, and has an almost total ban on privately owned firearms.

Venezuela is not considered a developed country, but its starving people have a murder rate 39 times higher than the United States, and almost every Venezuelan is a victim of a violent crime each year.

I would suggest this preacher hie himself to a gun ban venue and see for himself the tragic results of that which he wishes for.


NB: Both carts are composites of the results of 25 restrictive or permissive gun laws. All predate 2005, and all were European. The results of restrictive and permissive gun laws on other continents are identical.


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