It Appears Anti’s Are Incapable Of Learning

The Examiners “Phoenix Political Buzz” Examiner Jack Dunning proves the truism that one should know something about a subject before you open your pie ‘ole.

With all the publicity over Chardon, Ohio active killer T.J. Lane, anyone who makes the slightest effort to find out anything about the tragedy would know that Lane was a former Chardon HS pupil, transferred to a school for “troubled youth.” Lane did not shoot strangers, he shot friends and former schoolmates. Lane began his spree after his former girl friend started dating one of the kids he killed. He was at the High School because that was his bus transfer point. He stole his grandfathers gun on the morning of the shooting. And so on and so forth.

Dunning falls equally short when it comes to the effects of “guns on the street.” Americans have purchased more than 130,000,000 new guns in the last 19 years. In that same period, the Department of Justice’ National Crime Victimization Survey finds the violent crime rate has declined by as much as two thirds.

Dunning and his ilk can rave all they want to. The facts remain unchanged.

T. J. Lane is an active killer and the only known way to stop an active killer cold is to make him face the probability of effective resistance. Arming the faculty and staff will stop school shootings cold.

And the decline in violent crime continues as more and more Americans arm themselves. The FBI’s preliminary numbers for 2011 suggests violent crime declined by 6.4% compared to 2010. That would give us the lowest homicide rate since 1904!

The bottom line? Since Dunning and his ilk cannot argue from the facts, they should not argue.


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